Sidewalk Astronomy

Have you ever taken a nice photograph of a beautiful scenery with your camera? Do you hide it in a closet or encrypt it in your computer's hard drive hoping that nobody else would ever see it? 

So why should Astronomy be different?

Sidewalk astronomy is the sharing of the views of the Universe via telescopes at an urban area as a free public education service. The keywords are "free" and "service".

I am trying to conduct Sidewalk sessions at Toa Payoh whenever the skies are clear *and* when I am free to do so. If you are interested to take a look at the Universe through my telescope, the best way to do so is to follow my twitter at . I will tweet about the time and location and any last minute changes. At times, a few of my amateur astronomer friends may come along with their telescopes.

There are two main locations where I will be setting up my telescope:

1. The outdoor area in front of the Toa Payoh Public Library at Toa Payoh Central. Also known as the Toa Payoh Central Amphitheater.

2. The Sky Garden located at the 12th storey of  Block 79 at Toa Payoh Central (the long slightly curved block you see in the map below)

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Once in a while, I may conduct sidewalk sessions at other areas in Singapore alone or with my astro buddies. Follow my tweets for more info. Looking forward to showing you the celestial wonders through a telescope!