Light Pollution

Light pollution is the biggest man-made problem that is preventing humanity from experiencing the full majestic beauty of the night sky and thus losing our profound spiritual and emotional connection with Mother Nature.

Amateur astronomers all around the world are doing their part to spread the awareness of light pollution via sidewalk astronomy sessions and public talks.

What if you have absolutely no interest in preserving the night sky for stargazing and the reduction of massive and costly waste of energy utilised in powering inefficiently designed lighting devices? Then, for health reason alone, you should educate yourself about this issue and spread the word to your loved ones and friends.

The American Medical Association (AMA) declares light  pollution a health threat (see resolution 516 in this pdf report):

"Light trespass has been implicated in disruption of the human and animal circadian rhythm, and strongly suspected as an etiology of suppressed melatonin production, depressed immune systems, and increase in cancer rates such as breast cancers" - AMA

You can find out more detail information from the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and Wikipedia.

If you have any suggestions to spread the awareness of  light pollution and reducing it in Singapore, feel free to drop me an email at gary [at] astro [dot] sg.