Saturday, June 25, 2016

Two Light Pollution Letters in ST Forum

Two well written letters regarding Singapore being recently "crowned" the world #1 worst offender of light pollution was published in today's The Straits Times Forum.

You may read them online here:

Many benefits to making S'pore less bright - by Ben Chen Bin

Combating light pollution a shared responsibility - by Wee Shiang Ning

Early last year, there was a Straits Times (ST) report mentioning about a huge light up project near the roads along Changi Airport as part of the massive SG50 celebrations. I have written to ST Forum to highlight issues of potential light pollution and its harm to humans and wildlife especially in that area. And also questioned the necessity of the massive costs involved in such a huge lighting up project.

The administrator wrote back to me quickly acknowledging my letter. This is the first indication of any letter potentially being published in ST Forum. Else one will not receive any reply at all. She mentioned it may need to be condensed and may be published if the editor is okay with it. And in accordance to the ST Forum policies, I cannot published it anywhere so that ST can have exclusivity to this letter if published.

In the end, there was no follow up and my letter was not published. Perhaps one local voice against the massive at-all-costs celebratory mood of SG50 was an inconvenient truth?

Anyway, so happy to see the above-mentioned two letters being published now offline and online by the biggest local English newspaper in Singapore.

Again, one less excuse for the authorities to fake ignorance and seriousness of this light pollution issue in Singapore. Unless they deem reading ST Forum letters regularly to understand public sentiments is a total waste of their time.

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