Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 planets visible from Bishan Park Singapore on 16 Feb 2016

The following is my one take video of the 5 planets as seen from Bishan Park Singapore on Tue 16 Feb 2016 at 6:34am:

This is the YouTube video description:


Turn on YouTube annotations for planet identification in 4 languages. Shot this video with compact camera (Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 Mk1). One continuous long take. Shakiness due to handheld videography. Visit our Facebook page for more info about upcoming stargazing events at this park, especially the Solar Eclipse on Wed 9 March 2016 from 7:23am - 9:32am (Singapore local time).

Thank you for viewing and hope you will be inspired to stargaze despite being in a light-polluted city/country like Singapore! The clear sky captured in this video is a VERY RARE occurrence in Singapore. Even on such a clear morning, we still cannot see as many stars as we should due to LIGHT POLLUTION.

Light pollution is 100% reversible with proper shielding and lighting design. Reducing it will not only bring back more stars, planets and our Milky Way galaxy to your city's night sky but also save power and reduce energy costs. Stargazers do NOT want all lighting to be switched off. We just want them to be properly directed towards the ground - the only place where it is needed, not sideways and skyward. Reducing light pollution does NOT increase crime rate (proven in a few cities).

Light pollution adversely affect wildlife and human health too. Educate yourself and then your city planners about light pollution, its dangers and solutions by visiting International Dark-Sky Association at ."

Media inquires about this video: please email me at gary [at] astro [dot] sg .

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