Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pluto Flyby by New Horizons - 14 July 2015

Update 16 July 2015:  (Credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

High-resolution partial view of Pluto:

Latest image of Charon (Pluto's moon):

Update 15 July 2015:

Stunning new images from New Horizons. (Credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Full frame colour photo of Pluto.

In false colours. Pluto (left) and Charon.


On 14 July 2015, at 7:49:59 PM Singapore time (11:49:59 UTC) NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will make its historic closest approach to the dwarf planet Pluto, the most distant solid object to be visited by a spacecraft.

Credit: Video by YouTuber Michael500ca using Eyes on Pluto free simulation software.

Here's how to get the latest updates on New Horizons flyby of Pluto:

(1) Official New Horizons website:

(2) NASA TV live web streaming:
- http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/

(3) New Horizons Facebook:

(4) New Horizons Twitter:
https://twitter.com/NASANewHorizons   (#PlutoFlyby)

(5) Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory:

(6) Eyes on Pluto software simulation of New Horizons mission:

With live streaming on NASA TV, this means you can watch it on your phone on the move if you are not able to sit in front of a big screen and have a Pluto flyby party with your friends! :)

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