Friday, June 6, 2014

Free Stargazing Talk - Basic Stargazing Skills

The next public stargazing talk is titled "Basic Stargazing Skills".

Date: Saturday, 7 June 2014
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Toa Payoh Public Library. Level 1 Programme Zone.

Admission is free. No pre-registration required. Late-comers welcomed!

It's a huge pity the general public is not able to appreciate and enjoy stargazing better due to lack of understanding of basic astronomical concepts and observation techniques. Most of these concepts and techniques can be easily acquired with proper explanation in simple language, presentation slides and live demonstrations.

Weather permitting, there will be live stargazing during or after the talk at the open grounds outside the library. Come see Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, star clusters and nebula (star cloud) through telescopes!

So feel free to join in the fun with your family and friends. It's the June holidays after all!


  1. Thanks everyone it was very interesting experience.

    1. Hi Jeannie. Glad you enjoy it. Hope to see you again in future stargazing sessions!

  2. Hi Mr.Gary, I am pleased to introduce myself as Gokul. I am interested to know more about astronomy and like to take pictures about our solar system. I am looking to buy a beginner telescope which will help me to achieve this. Is it possible for you to help me on this please?
    I am available at, I live in SG too.

    1. Hi Mr Gokul. Feel free to email me your queries at In the meantime, do check out the wonderful books on astronomy in our public libraries.