Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earth Hour Stargazing 2014

Today we celebrate Earth Hour in Singapore. Organisations and individuals that support this movement will switch of their non-essential lightings from 8:30pm - 9:30pm.

The ambassador for this year is Spider-man.

The crew at has done a good job compiling all the stargazing related events, you can visit their webpage here -->

Basically, there are 6 locations celebrating Earth Hour which includes live stargazing session through telescopes and/or binoculars:

- SAFRA Jurong (near Boon Lay)
- Bishan Park (at open grounds in front of McDonald's)
- Kebun Bahru Heights Resident Committee (RC), Ang Mo Kio
- Woodlands Galaxy Community Club
- East Coast Park (near carpark D1)
- Marina Barrage rooftop

Timing wise, they are generally from sunset till at least 9:30pm.

These are great opportunities to stargaze with your friends and family and learn more about amateur astronomy and its related equipment.

Please observe proper stargazing etiquette when participating in such events:

- Do not touch any part of the telescope/binocular setup. You just need to look through the eyepiece which is attached to the telescope.
- Queue orderly and patiently wait for your turn.
- Do not shine bright lights in the observing area

Do take note stargazing events are totally weather dependent. In the event of bad weather, please check with the relevant event organiser for their latest updates.

Wishing all of you clear skies and happy stargazing!


Update 14 April 2014:

No need to go KL and even local my evening work appointment got postponed last minute. So decided to join and help out my astro friends at McDonald's Bishan Park. Too tired and didn't bring any telescope with me.

Disappointing weather in the late afternoon till sunset. Then the sky started clearing up. We had a good crowd looking through the telescopes deployed. Without the surrounding lights being switched off, most people didn't know realised it was Earth Hour. Nonetheless, we had good views of Mars and Jupiter!

We have not been stargazing there for a while. So some of the residents around the area were happy to see us.

Photos of Jupiter and Mars shot with my mobile phone handheld over the eyepiece of telescopes. Average sky conditions:

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