Sunday, February 16, 2014

COSMOS Q&A at National University of Singapore

For the rest of 2014, or perhaps for many years to come, nothing will beat what I had experienced last week on 13th and 14th of February.

I will definitely write a long blog (or mulit-part blog) about that experience and insights gained from interacting with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson and Miss Ann Druyan. This will take sometime as my working schedule seems to get more and more busy as more and more interesting astronomical events are happening since the year started.

So in the meantime, enjoy watching my 46-minute video of the Q&A session conducted at National University of Singapore (Faculty of Science, LT27). Apologies for the camera auto-focusing problems in the first 11 minutes of the video.

For best experience, watch it in fullscreen HD. For those students who skipped class to attend this amazing event (aka pontang), please pray hard your lecturer can't identify you in the last part of the video. :)


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