Saturday, November 16, 2013

Comet ISON visible in Singapore

First confirmed visual report of Comet ISON seen in Singapore early this morning (16 Nov) by veteran local amateur astronomer Gavin!

This is his report together with a photo of the comet shot through his 8-inch telescope:


*WEATHER PERMITTING*, this is how to find the comet early morning tomorrow before sunrise (17 Nov) from Singapore.

(1) Face east. Locate Spica before 6am. Take a mental note of ISON's location from Spica.

(2) Find L-shape star pattern through a binocular or telescope at upper left of Spica at about 3.5° arc degrees away.

If you see a fuzzy circular patch (and maybe even a tail!) at the location indicated in the above image, congrats!!!

If time permits, I will be updating similar ISON finder charts for the next few days.

My friends and I *MAY* be hunting this comet early morning tomorrow through our telescopes and binoculars. Check my twitter for the latest updates if you are keen to join us -

Clear skies and good luck comet hunting!


The topic for this coming Monday's free public stargazing talk at Toa Payoh Public Library is "Comets & Meteors". Will elaborate more in a separate blog post. Stay tuned!

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