Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Overnight stargazing at Bishan Park - 15/16 Oct 2013

UPDATE: Event cancelled due to bad weather! :)


*Weather permitting* overnight stargazing tonight. From 11:30pm tonight onwards (15 Oct) till tomorrow sunrise.

Venue: McDonald's at Bishan Park.

Main targets: Jupiter and Comet ISON.

Will be bringing a 10-inch dobsonian telescope along. Come join us if you are free.

In the event I cannot update this blog in time, please follow my tweets @astrosg for latest updates (e.g. change of location in park).

Good luck to all shadow chasers and comet hunters!


  1. Hi there, may I know roughly at what time can we expect to see the red moon to night? Thanks

    1. If you refer to the red moon solely due to total lunar eclipse of 15 April 2014, it is not visible in Singapore from start to finish.