Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Double Shadow Transits on Jupiter - 30 Oct 2013

Weather permitting, the last double shadow transit will be visible in Singapore tomorrow for October 2013.

Date: Wednesday 30 October 2013
Time: 5:56am - 7:28am
Location of Jupiter: North near 69° above horizon
Jupiter rising above horizon: 23:56pm (29 Oct 2013)

The two shadows will be casted by the two moons of Jupiter - Io and Europa.

Io Shadow Transit: 5:15am - 7:28am
Europa Shadow Transit: 5:56am - 8:33am

When the double shadow transits occur, Jupiter will be very high up in the northern sky (69°) where the atmosphere is thinner compared to the horizon. This is the best position so far for the past three shadow transits offering potentially the clearest view.

For those who do not wish to stay up all night, you can get your telescope ready, go to sleep early, set your alarm to wake up at around 6:00am and start enjoying the view. If the weather is clear enough, you can still observe Jupiter until at least 7:00am when the sky turns blue! That's how bright Jupiter can be if you know where to look for it.

Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful thin crescent Moon right beside Mars! And for those who are more ambitious, you may hunt for Comet ISON visually through telescopes or with your camera and lenses.

Northeast monsoon is fast approaching. Next few shadow transits over the next few months may not be visible due to potential bad weather.

So clear skies and good luck to all shadow hunters!

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