Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Public Talk - Saturn and its moons

Free public stargazing talk at Toa Payoh Public Library:

DATE: Monday, 15 April 2013
TIME: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
VENUE: Toa Payoh Pubic Library. Programme Zone, Level 1

TOPIC: Saturn and its moons

- Saturn in various cultures
- Interesting facts about its moons
- How to observe Saturn - e.g. recognising ring structures
- Basic introduction to planetary imaging
- Upcoming events - eclipses and meteor shower

*Weather permitting*, we will be conducting live stargazing session outside the library from about 7:45pm. Near 1st-quarter Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible!

All are welcomed with or without telescopes! Bring your family and friends along and enjoy an entertaining and educational evening at Toa Payoh Public Library tonight!


Update 19/4/2013: Another full house crowd in the library, another clear night for observing Moon and Saturn. We had great fun interacting with the crowd and letting them observe through the 10" dob, 5" LOMO MCT and the monster C14. Here are some photos of the stargazing session taken by Dave:


  1. Please pardon this question from an amateur... is there any chance we'll be able to see the 2013 Lyrids meteor shower from Singapore?

  2. You are pardoned! :) Answer is yes IF the sky is clear enough. To increase your probability of seeing it in a dark-enough site, look northeast from about 3am (where the bright Moon will be setting) on the nights of 21 & 22 April. Hope to write a blog about this soon after my stargazing event tomorrow at SAFRA Jurong.

  3. Hi gary, mind if i get your number again? need to contact u. lost it the other time. sry haha

    1. Hi Sujun. You may email me your contact number to Thanks.