Friday, November 18, 2011

Telescopes featured in music videos

An astro buddy sent me a youtube link to this Korean music video. Being an amateur atronomer, I only paid attention to scenes in the video where telescope(s) are being shown. I have not come across any music video that featured telecopes with such frequency. It almost felt like watching a telescope advertisement (not that I mind watching one).

So watch this video carefully and see if you spot something weird and funny. It should be quite easy for amateur astronomers to spot it. 

The telescope featured in the video is from Bosma, a Chinese telescope manufacturer. Most people conveniently assume just because it is made-in-china, Bosma scopes must be very inferior to branded ones. But that is not necessarily so. Most of the telescopes from American-branded companies are manufactured in China and perhaps some of them even from the same factory from Bosma's. One of Bosma's latest maksutov-cassegrain telescope receive a good review from a major astronomical magazine.

Astrobargains which is based in Singapore do carry some Bosma telescopes. If you are keen to find out more, can drop them an email. Disclaimer: I do receive any commission or benefits from recommending any dealer in astronomy (local or overseas) and have not looked through any Bosma scope yet.

Ok. The above two paragraphs is also to make it less obvious for you to accidentally find out the weird and funny scene in the video before you watch it. The location is at 2:17 minutes into the video. You see the female actress  seems to be looking into the mirror/prism diagonal without any eyepiece!! Still she was very fascinated by what she "saw"! LOL.

Anyway, I know it is only a music video and at least they got the business end of the finder and telescope pointed at the right direction. :)

The classic refractor is the telescope design that most people can easily recognise as a telescope. It is of course the right type of telescope to use to create the romantic environment required in the video. Else, can you imagine the actor and actress taking turns to climb up a ladder and look through a 40 inch dobsonian telescope as shown in the following photo? Not that romantic eh? :)

Credits: Photo by Steve Swayze of Swayze Optical

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