Friday, November 18, 2011

LROC Explores Apollo 17 Landing Site

One of the common questions I get during sidewalks is "Do you think humans really landed on the Moon?". My answer as of now is still "Yes". "But I saw this video/documentary/internet article that says ... ...". For the non-believers or those still sitting on the fence about this debate, the following video may help.

Turn on your speakers for the best experience.

Did you like the music and find that it enhances the video dramatically? What a great selection of music by NASA right?


The original video is just pure video without any music. I just can't help finding it extremely underwhelming in the context of what it was showing. That's why I uploaded this to YouTube and try to find a suitable music from AudioSwap. The title of this classical music is Russian Dance which is ironic because I am sure the Russians were not super elated when the Americans beat them to the Moon. :)

For more info about the stunning videos and images captured by LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera), you may visit their official website and this Goddard Space Flight Center link.

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