Monday, April 11, 2011

Astronomy Magazine at Toa Payoh Public Library

Back in June last year, I wondered what kind of astronomical magazines are available at Toa Payoh Public Library since it is the nearest to my house. This library is one of oldest in Singapore and was officially opened in 1974. Surely, I should be able find at least a few copies of such magazines.

A quick check online revealed a shocking fact. Zero, zilch, nada!

Perhaps it is too costly for every library to have one copy of Astronomy and one copy of Sky & Telescopes. In any case, at least I have the option of  reserving those magazines from other library branches for a small fee and have them delivered to Toa Payoh Library for collection.

Fast forward to December last year and while searching online for January 2011 issue of Astronomy, I saw "Toa Payoh Public Library - Not on Loan" Yay!! Quickly rushed down to the library and found the spanking new copy lying on the magazine shelf. The library did not manage to find time to added a "Astronomy" label to the shelf so that copy was just lying somewhere in the "A" section. Poor magazine got to suffer such "indignity". LOL. :)

Fast foward to last week, "dignity" was finally restored and when I saw the following


Kudos to NLB for the kind gesture of making this periodical available here and hopefully we will see "Sky & Telescopes - Toa Payoh Public Library - Not on Loan" soon!


  1. Try the Bishan library (near Junction 8), though most likely the magazines would be snapped up by me. Heheheh....

  2. No worries. There are still many copies in other public libraries. Sometimes I will just spend an hour or two to read them at the reference section.