Monday, September 20, 2010

Toa Payoh Central Stargazing Party

There will a be Stargazing Party at Toa Payoh Central (open space in front of Toa Payoh Public Library) this coming Saturday 25th Sept 2010 at 7:30 pm. Admission is FREE and open to public! All are welcome!

Spent quite a bit of time designing the following stargazing poster but enjoyed the creative process. Glad it was approved by the Toa Payoh Central Community Centre and they printed in colour as advised. :)

As of now, there will be 4 telescopes deployed on that day - two 80mm apochromatic refractors, one 5 inch maksutov and one 8 inch SCT. The main objects of interest will be the Moon and Jupiter.

I would like to thank the Residents' Committee of Toa Payoh Central Zone 2 for organising and publicising this event - especially to the RC Chairman who spent time discussing this idea with me a few weeks ago and subsequently given me an opportunity to present my case in front of the rest of the committee members.

If you own a telescope and would like to bring it along to share with the public, please feel free to contact me so that I can make the necessary arrangement to ease your volunteering efforts on that day. The nearest carpark is just behind block 179 between 177 and 178 and trolley friendly (refer to map below). Drop me an email at gary [at] astro [dot] sg.

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This is Stargazing event will be held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Celebration 2010 event organised by the same RC.

This is the noticeboard of the 40-storey blocks in Toa Payoh. :)


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