Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S'porean astronomers too stressed to care?

Read the following article last week in ST dated 20 Sep 2010.

According to the World Giving Index 2010 report, Singapore is ranked 91. Not a ranking Singaporeans can be very proud of. Australia and New Zealand tops the list at No 1. Let's compare with our neighbouring countries. Thailand 25, Indonesia 50, Philippines 50, Malaysia 76 - all way above Singapore's ranking.

Telescope owners in Singapore need to volunteer some of their time to do sidewalk astronomy to push up our ranking! Let's aim to surpass at least Malaysia's ranking in next year's report! :)

Towards the end of the ST article, there is a very inspiring story of how a bookstore keeper volunteered at least 6 hours of his time to helped the reporter to cover the 2004 Tsunami in India without asking for anything in return and paid for his own midnight transport back home. How many of us have spent 5 minutes of our time in a park within walking distance and showed a curious passer-by how the Moon looked like through our telescope?

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