Thursday, September 30, 2010

Books and magazines on Astronomy

There are plenty of Astronomy-related books and magazines in Singapore. Seek and you shall find.

1. Public Libraries --> National Library Board Singapore

This is a wonderful resource that I recommend highly. Here's what you can do when you register as a library member:

- Borrow up to 6 books in any library
- Return your books in any library
- Renew borrowed books for free
- Reserve books ($1.55) and have them delivered to your nearest library for your collection
- Sms reminders (optional) to return your books before due date
- Online web interface to administer your library account

Read the library guide for more info on how to register as a member and membership fees (free or very affordable fees). Or just approach any librarian in any library.

To save time, you may search for the books online to ensure their availability for loan before visiting the library or reserve them directly if all copies are loaned out --> Easy Basic Search

A quick search on "astronomy" generates 2061 results. Now you understand what you have been missing out if you not a library member. :)

2. Kinokuniya Book Stores --> Kinokuniya Book Stores of Singapore

Kinokuniya's main store at Ngee Ann City Takashimaya Shopping Centre has the widest range of books on Astronomy (as of now). Again, to make good use of your precious time:

- Search online and check availability --> Kinokuniya Search
A quick search on "astronomy" generates 64 results.

- Call them (+65 6737 5021) to reserve the book(s) for up to 3 days to be 100% sure you don't waste your trip down especially if there is only one copy left.

But please don't abuse this phone reservation privilege if you absolutely have no intention of buying because it will deny other genuine buyers the opportunity. May the skies be always cloudy for such abusers and their telescopic optics deeply scratched and moldy. :)

3. Borders --> Borders Singapore

The outlet at Wheelock Place has the next widest range of astronomy-related books in Singapore. They have no online book search feature but you can call them to enquire and reserve books for up to 3 days - (+65 6235 7146).

Borders and Takashimaya have regular promotions for members and the general public (e.g. newspaper cutout coupons). These 2 outlets are located relatively near each other along Orchard Road so you may visit one after the other. And there is a very high chance for a new library to be built at Orchard area (there used to be one inside Ngee Ann City). This potential golden-triangle combo makes it hard to beat for people staying or working around this area.

I will continue to update this page when I have more time to explore the astronomy sections of other bookstores and telescope vendors - e.g. Harris, Page One, MPH, ...etc. Or better still, drop me a mail if you have better recommendations.

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